Hand Pain – Your Osteopath on Northcote Road

Hand Pain – Your Osteopath on Northcote Road

hand pain

Common causes of hand and finger pain include fracture of the metacarpals, dislocations and ligament sprains. Fractures can occur with trauma to the hand, people will experience significant pain, swelling, loss of grip and loss of mobility.

Ligament sprains can occur for a variety of reasons. Forced hyperextension (bending back) of the fingers can damage the ligaments on the palmer aspect and again cause swelling, pain and loss of mobility. ‘Skiers thumb’ is the term given to damage to one of the ligaments over the thumb, it’s an injury commonly seen in skiers as it often occurs during a fall on an outstretched thumb especially when gripping a ski pole. Gripping and pinching will often become painful and the range of movement will be limited.

By performing a series of physical examinations and by taking a careful case history an Osteopath can determine the cause of your hand/finger pain and whether you are appropriate for treatment. Treatment will usually involve a combination of manual therapy, advice and rehabilitation exercises.

Tali Rayner M.Ost

Tali Rayner graduated from the British School of Osteopathy obtaining a Masters Degree in Osteopathy. Since graduating she has also completed training in Acupuncture and Medical dry needling lead by Dr Anthony Campbell.

She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council as well as the British Osteopathic Association. She has worked in a number of clinical settings including working with a professional rugby and football team.

Tali is structural in her approach to osteopathic assessments and uses a variety of treatment techniques including medical dry needling in conjunction with osteopathic techniques.

As part of your assessment Tali will assess work related ergonomic issuesor sport related training techniques, which may be contributing and maintaining  injuries and pain. Tali will prescribe exercises as part of your rehabilitation and stabilisation of an injury or longer term postural complaint.


Appointment Times (at Fybre Fitness): Wednesday 5-9pm and Friday 7-11am




Before I saw Tali, I suffered chronic and consistent sciatic pain. Her specialist treatment immediately alleviated the worst symptoms and quickly enabled me to return to the fully active lifestyle I had missed. Friendly and highly skilled, Tali takes the time to put her patients at ease and discuss their needs. She also directs you to everyday exercises and lifestyle changes that strengthen the body against future injury. Thank you Tali.

– V. George

For the first time in the last 6 years I am beginning to walk without pain and without the anticipation of pain when I come to stairs or other more challenging activities . . . . I would highly recommend Tali to anyone considering osteopathy.

– A. Sharman


For an appointment or further questions please call 020 7206 2625 or email info@ltosteo.co.uk