VITAMIN D – WHY THE HYPE?vitamin d sources


It has been a long winter – and the lack of sunlight has left many of us feeling low in energy and possibly finding it more difficult to fight our usual winter coughs and colds.

Low levels of vitamin D might just be the reason why!

I have just read this month’s Osteopathy Today magasine. There was a brilliant article on the latest research into the role of vitamin D in the body and I thought I would summarise it.


  • Vitamin D is important for many things including:

    • Muscle strength – athletes are now taking this very seriously with footballers and cyclists supplementing their diets to maintain appropriate levels all year round.
    • Immunity – it helps to fight infections but is also involved with the control of 5-10% of our genes. In this way it plays an important role in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis and many auto-immune diseases.
    • Calcium absorption – low levels can lead to sore joints, muscles and weak bones.
    • Fighting cancers – while sun burn has been shown to be the cause of certain skin cancers, vitamin D in fact helps to fight others. It is therefore important to get a good balance between exposing skin to sunlight and not burning.




We should get 90% of our vitamin D from sunlight.


Sunbathe safely
  • Know how much sunlight your skin can take without burning.
  • Start exposing skin for 5 minutes a day and increase it slowly.
  • In the summer months try to expose your skin to sunlight for roughly 15-30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week.
Look at your diet
  • Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D from your diet through the winter months.
  • If not look at taking supplements.


Gillie, O. 2013. The Sunshine Vitamin – essential for both strength and health. Osteopathy Today.  Vol 19.02. pp12-13.

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