Dietician Advice: Find a healthy attitude towards food

ClairePettitt_Nutriton_LogoDietician Advice: Find a healthy attitude towards food

It seems wherever you turn these days, you’ll find advice on how to eat, what people have done to lose weight, what not to eat, or even that certain foods are toxic or sending you to an early grave!


Well, how about we forget all that and focus on what works for us as individuals. Focus on developing a healthily relationship with food, enjoying it but not obsessing about it or thinking about it every second of the day.


Here are my top tips for a healthy you:


  1. Choose lots of plant-based foods such as lots of different coloured vegetables.
  2. Eat more beans and pulses as they are full of fibre and protein, they are cheap and they taste great.
  3. Have fewer refined grains and make your carbs whole grains instead, such as oats, quinoa and wholegrain/granary breads.
  4. Have good quality, well sourced meat and fish a few times per week (oily fish such as fresh tuna, salmon, mackerel, or sardines is a must!)
  5. Have less processed foods and if you need something sweet, go for a juicy fruit instead of a fizzy drink, handful of Haribo or a packet of biscuits.
  6. Drink plenty of water, though the occasional tea or coffee won’t hurt.


And remember to enjoy your food, take time over it and be mindful not only of what you put in your mouth but the lifestyle that you lead. Activity is key to a healthy way of life so get off your butts and move in whichever way you can!


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