Back Pain Specialists – Video

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Back Pain Specialists – Video


CLICK HERE for a video which is worth watching if you are considering osteopathy. It will give you lots of 

advice from different specialist’s perspectives. Keep an eye out for Clive Lathey, a colleague of mine at The Putney Clinic talking about how osteopathy can help.


In the UK, acute lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for GP visits. About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year. Not all treatments work for all conditions or for all individuals with the same condition, and many find that they need to try several treatment options to determine what works best for them.

  • Presented by Georgina Burnett, featuring:
  • Dr Chris Steele MBE, Family GP & Medical Broadcaster
  • Dr Brian Hammond, Director, Back Care
  • Dr Adam Al-Kashi, Head of Research, Back Care
  • Catherine Goodyear, Chief Operating Officer, British Osteopathic Association
  • Dr Dawn Carnes, Director, National Council for Osteopathic Research
  • Tanith Hamm, Osteopath
  • Clive Lathey, Osteopath & Sports Scientist, Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy


Alexandra Freeman  M.Ost

Alexandra Freeman is an experienced Osteopath who uses structural, cranial and other osteopathy techniques to treat her patients. Alexandra has a passion for paediatric and is currently studying for her Diploma at The Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Alexandra is a Registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council. She graduated from the London School of Osteopathy with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. She has completed courses in both dry needling and cranial techniques at the Sutherland Cranial College.




Appointment Times (Fresh Ground) : Monday evenings 4-8pm and Friday mornings 8am-12pm.



Alexandra Freeman is an excellent osteopath, has relieved my back pain following my treatments with her. She takes time to find out the cause of the pain, alleviates the pain and is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough.

– V. Harrison

I have been visiting Alexandra for some months now to address lower back pains.  Alexandra is incredibly warm, engaging and approachable yet very professional and thorough. She puts you at ease and is very good at explaining the reasons for the condition and the treatment she administers in ways that laypeople can understand. Alexandra also treated a relative of mine for neck and shoulder strains; who has been visiting other osteopaths for treatments.  They commented that Alexandra’s treatment was excellent and cured the problem, unlike other Osteopaths!  One of the best and most exceptional and effective osteopaths ever.  I would strongly recommend Alexandra.

– Ruth


For an appointment or further questions please call 020 7206 2625 or email