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The Benefits of Seeing a Post-natal Osteopath


By Laura Tilson BA (Hons) M.Ost DPOPaediatric Osteopath at Fresh Ground, Clapham Junction.


As an Osteopath I spend the majority of my time showing patients how osteopathy can benefit them. But trying to persuade a busy mum that she should put herself first for half an hour a day to sort out her bad back or that dodgy shoulder will be my mantra for the rest of my career.

Mums are renowned for putting others first and bravely soldiering on – because they are mums and that’s just what they do.  And now – as mother to two small children – I can see why.  My days blur into one – each a haze of coffee, marching around parks and attempts at housework, never mind trying to fit in brushing my hair or getting a little admin done.

So perhaps I am biased, but over the last few years I have seen for myself how osteopathy has helped me and my little ones.


I went for four treatments after having my first baby. Once a month, I carved out the time and made it a priority because I’m set on practicing what I preach. But the results speak for themselves.


The osteopath I saw sorted out the pain in my back where I had had an epidural by finding restricted joints in my back and tight muscles and getting them moving again. With massage and pressure over my upper back she helped to release aches from hours of bending over during feeds.


With the gentlest touch and movement she helped to encourage my baby to look comfortably to the left (he only looked to the right after a fairly traumatic ventouse delivery).


So perhaps I am biased but I cannot rave about it enough. This, along with a slow and steady commitment to getting fit again has been my rehabilitation back to a stronger self and I could not be more grateful.


Laura Tilson and Alexandra Freeman are our Post-Natal Osteopaths at Fresh Ground.


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