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Appointments are at Fybre Fitness on Northcote Road and Tali is available for early morning and late evening treatments.

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Lactation Consultant Now at Fresh Ground

Lactation Consultant Now at Fresh Ground

We are thrilled to announce that Katherine Fisher  B.Sc M.Sc IBCLC IATP has joined our team at Fresh Ground this week. Katherine is a Lactation Consultant and Tongue-tie Practitioner with over 20 years experience in the NHS and Private Practice.

Katherine diagnoses, assesses and treats various presentations of Ankyloglossia (Tongue-tie) and complex feeding difficulties.She was trained at Southhampton General Hospital and Kings College Hospital where she currently works as a Lactation Consultant and Tongue Tie Specialist in a large NHS Tongue-tie service.

Katherine is experienced in

  • The diagnosis, assessment and treatment or rapid referral for division of various presentations of Ankyloglossia (Tongue-tie)
  • Complex feeding difficulties
  • Breast refusal
  • Transition to formula feeding
  • Baby weight gain issues
  • Maternal medical issues relating to Breastfeeding
  • Supplemental feeding
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • Breastfeeding with breast Hypoplasia
  • Low milk supply
  • Breastfeeding babies with Down’s Syndrome and other additional needs
  • Induced lactation
  • Relactation
  • Antenatal expression
  • Hyperprolactimea (over supply)

Appointment Times: Mondays 11am – 4pm


To book an appointment please call 02072062625 or book online via 


To find out more about Tongue Tie please CLICK HERE. 


Katherine has extensive experience and training in carrying out Frenulotomies – both within the NHS and in private practice. She was trained at both Southampton General Hospital, and Kings College Hospital where she currently works  as the Team Leader of a large NHS Tongue-tie service. She continues to participate in continuous clinical governance, access to ongoing professional development, and training. She has full medical indemnity insurance for both Lactation Consultancy and Frenulotomy. Katherine accepts referrals from midwives; health visitors; Lactation Consultants (IBCLC); accredited Breastfeeding counsellors (NCT, Breastfeeding Network, LLL and ABM) and GPs. Parents can of course self-refer.

We treat babies aged eight days to 26 weeks who have a condition called tongue-tie. This means they have a tight piece of skin between the underside of their tongue and the floor of their mouth that makes it difficult for them to breastfeed.

We carry out a small operation which releases their tongue and allows them to latch on and breastfeed properly. We treat tongue-tie in infants aged eight days to 26 weeks that is causing breastfeeding difficulties.

Patients must be prepared correctly. Please follow the checklist on our referral forms if you book an appointment.

We do not treat babies:

  • with teeth
  • that are exclusively bottle-fed
  • for speech problems.
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