Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy effective for restoring balance, decreasing stress and reducing tension through the stimulation of points on your feet, hands and head.  It has a long history in Chinese and Egyptian medicine, where it was used to facilitate the flow of the body’s life force, or Qi.



In pregnancy, Reflexology can be effective in helping to stimulate ovulation, reduce pregnancy-associated symptoms and help bring about a natural labour.



Through Holistic Reflexology it can be possible to create a pre-conception programme to help achieve and support a viable and healthy pregnancy – addressing the issues of creating healthy sperm and ova through balanced nutrition and by focusing on eliminating environmental toxins and minimising risks on the body.



Reflexology can help in a variety of ways in the post-natal period from stimulating breast milk and uterine contractions to helping to re-balance hormones.



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