How can an Osteopath help with my Child’s Constipation?

Laura Tilson Osteopathy

It can take just one episode of pain when passing a stool for a child to want to avoid opening their bowel. Over time if this happens a lot and your child becomes constipated faeces is held in the bowel and large intestine and it stretches the delicate lining of the gut. Once stretched the signal to the brain to poo isn’t as strong as quickly and so a cycle of repeat episodes of constipation begins.

What we want to do is get the stools moving, improve the healing of the gut and learn how to prevent contipation in the first place by getting to the root cause of it.

Abdominal massage has been shown by many studies to improve frequency of bowel movements and reduce the need for medication. We can treat your child using visceral techniques to release muscle tension around the organs of the abdomen. This in turn improves the blood supply and healing of the gut and improves the motility or natural movements in the gut to help prevent constipation. Our treatment plan will include teaching you daily massage techniques that you can use at home.

During your case history we would also look at medication, current routines, how to spot the signs of constipation, as well as nutrition and behavioural issues surrounding the constipation which will help to improve bowel movements and prevent the onset of constipation again.

Please Note: This post was written on 5 May 2020 please contact us to make sure you have the most up to date advice.