Chiara Berton M.Ost PGPed

Laura Tilson Osteopathy

Specialising in:

Sports Injuries
Asthma Related Postural Restrictions
Dry Needling
Home Visits for Adults and Babies


Chiara Berton M.Ost PGPed is a registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council and is a graduate from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy).

She has completed her training in Paediatric Osteopathy with the University College of Osteopathy where she treated babies and children in their clinic. Chiara is passionate about helping children and parents achieve optimal health through the physical challenges of birth and early life.

Chiara uses her Osteopathic skills to support a variety of patients at any age. Chiara uses a variety of techniques, from soft tissue manipulation, joint articulations, to structural techniques. She has completed training with CPD Today in dry needling and finds it a useful tool to help with conditions like chronic tendon issues. She loves using osteopathic techniques to treat upper back and neck pain and has a particular specialism in treating TMJ/jaw pain and asthma related postural and breathing tensions.

Chiara is able to offer home visits for adults and new-born babies which is a wonderful service for our community. Many of our patients are not able to come to the clinic if they are in an acute episode of pain or have small children at home.

Chiara has played a lot of rugby, and currently cycles and practices yoga. She understands the possible injuries associated with an active lifestyle. She can provide treatment to help you recover from acute and chronic injuries and prevent you with rehabilitation and strengthening exercises which are specific to your needs and pain thresholds.

Chiara is our resident Italian speaker. If you speak Italian and have difficulties describing your aches and pains in English please do make an appointment with her.

Se hai difficolta’ a spiegare i tuoi sintomi ai medici qui, puoi prenotare un appuntamento e ti aiuto con i tuoi dolori.


Chiara practices at our Fresh Ground Clinic in Battersea  and Therapy Spaces Clinic in Surbiton.

Or call 020 7206 2625