Cranial Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Laura Tilson Osteopathy

Why Osteopathy?

Parents bring their babies and children to see Osteopaths for many reasons including:

  • post-natal check ups
  • postural assessments
  • difficulty settling
  • tongue-tie assessments and diagnosis
  • general aches and pains
  • constipation and bedwetting
  • feeding difficulties
  • flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)

Osteopaths are interested in how your baby or child’s body is moving. Areas that are not moving so well can affect the way the body’s systems work and develop. Osteopathic treatment aims to restore the normal movement in the muscles, ligaments and joints, which in turn can improve how your babies feeds and sleeps.

Osteopaths do not treat your baby for specific conditions. We treat the body to improve its mechanics, get joints moving freely to resolve any issues compromising it.

At your first appointment the osteopath will discuss details of the pregnancy and birth and the child’s general health. Then they will carry out examinations which look at joint movement, reflexes and muscle tone.

Treatment techniques include gentle massage and cranial osteopathy and aim to make the body as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The osteopath may also provide advice on exercise, posture and diet.

About Laura Tilson

Laura Tilson is an Osteopath who provides consultations in South West London. She has completed training in providing osteopathic care for mums and babies with the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy and Molinari Institute of Health.

You can book a Home Visit or come and see Laura at one of our clinics. Please call 0207 206 2625 or email to ask a question or book an appointment. You can also view our diary and book an appointment online here.


"We took Olivia to see Laura to help with colic and reflux symptoms; in just a few sessions, Olivia became calmer, slept better and fed more comfortably. Thanks for all your help – Olivia is so much better and is fast asleep as I write!"

Emma, mother of Olivia, 8 weeks old.

"Laura has improved the movement in Finlay’s neck and stopped his head turning preference."

Kate, mother of Finlay aged 6 months

"After one appointment with Laura, I saw a significant improvement in Isla’s trapped wind. She seemed a lot more settled and content after the treatment."

Laura, mother of Isla, aged 4 weeks.

"I first visited Laura when my baby was 8 weeks old. He was experiencing silent reflux and another mum recommended Laura to me. Laura really helped my little boy and he seemed so much more comfortable and relaxed after treatment."

Kelly, mother of Jamie, 8 weeks old.

"Laura has helped my son with Aspergers learn and understand more about how his body works and the effects his lifestyle has on it. He is a fan!"

Michelle, mother of Lewis aged 14.

"Laura has completely changed the way my baby sleeps and her appetite increased also."

Alison mother of Alannah aged 11 months.

"Laura's vast knowledge of the body combined with her warm and friendly approach put both children and their parents at ease. I have found Laura to be intuitive in her diagnosis and successful in treating both children and adults."

Vicky mother of Joe aged 2.

"The treatment you gave Reuben this week has worked wonders, he had such a good nights sleep and his energy levels are totally restored after being poorly."

Louise mother of Reuben aged 6