Pre/Postnatal Osteopathy

Laura Tilson Osteopathy

While pregnancy can be a joy for many women, it is not without its challenges. There are a number of postural and hormonal changes which put a huge demand on your body. Your joints, muscles and ligaments all adapt as your body changes and your baby grows. For some this can be a difficult and painful time.

When faced with these challenges some areas of your body may be able to cope better than others. Studies have shown that as many as 50-82% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain for example.

How Osteopathy can help

Osteopathy has been shown to be an effective treatment for low back pain during pregnancy. Some women also find that osteopathic treatment can help relieve other common symptoms of pregnancy such as indigestion, constipation, reflux and carpal tunnel syndrome.

After the birth osteopathic treatment can be helpful to resolve joint injuries and resolve postural changes which occurred during the pregnancy. Commonly we see women who feel pain in their hips, low back, pelvis and ribs after labour.

About Laura Tilson

Laura Tilson is an Osteopath who provides consultations in South West London. She has completed training in providing osteopathic care for mums and babies with the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy and Molinari Institute of Health.

You can book a Home Visit or come and see Laura at one of our clinics. Please call 0207 206 2625 or email to ask a question or book an appointment. You can also view our diary and book an appointment online here.


"Laura has been treating me for pregnancy related aches and pains as my posture changed in my 3rd trimester. More recently I've been experiencing indigestion and heartburn as my bump has grown and Laura's treatment has helped relieve these symptoms which has made these latter stages of my pregnancy more enjoyable. It has been great to be looked after by someone who really understands my body as it changes with pregnancy."

Kerry, Mum-To-Be

"Laura has got magic hands and gave detailed information about how processes in the body work and how organs are linked which was so interesting. I felt in very good hands!"

Susanne Manthey